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Posted on 11 Oct 2018, 14:54

Yoga is a wonderful holistic system of movement and breathing that helps you feel better in yourself. You don't have to be flexible or a certain body shape or age to do yoga. You can move into every yoga pose to suit your flexibility. Everyone's body is different in how we move and stretch as our bodies are all made differently.


Posted on 11 Oct 2018, 14:56

Hatha yoga is based on the ancient principles that a strong and healthy body is needed on the journey of life.  The experience of practice is concentration, breath, stamina, flexibility, aligning and strengthening the body, quieting the mind and awakening the spirit.  Hatha Yoga is wonderful style of yoga that is taught at a slow pace and excellent for beginners and all abilities of yoga practices.


Posted on 11 Oct 2018, 15:06

Pregnancy is a really wonderful time to practice yoga. Specialised pregnancy yoga classes both emotionally and physically, help to release any tension throughout the body. Classes help to ease emotional changes while bringing balance and a feeling of grounding.