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" The practice of Yoga is fundamentally an act of kindness towards oneself" - Judith Hanson Lasater


Sonya Harnett    

SONYA_HARNETT_WEB_0018-2.jpgYoga Essence is a dedicated space for yoga and meditation and is run and owned by Sonya Harnett, a fully qualified yoga teacher with Yoga Therapy Ireland, a certified Yoga Alliance Course (RYS 500hrs). Sonya worked in a corporate environment for many years and was seeking a change.  Along the way, yoga had been a constant in her life and has been practising for over 13 years guiding her through the cycles of life.   
Her love of yoga brought her to study a 6 month Yoga Foundation Course with YTI.  This led her to undertake the Yoga Teacher Training Diploma Course also with Yoga Therapy Ireland with a total of 500 training hours to include a strong emphasis on Anatomy & Physiology. She has to date up to 1000 hours of to include extra training through attending regular in service training days, seminars and weekends to maintain her ongoing learning.  She has a a particular interest in an embodied approach to mindful movement.  Sonya is also qualified to teach Pregnancy and Post-Natal Yoga both a YTI certified course. She attends regular updated additional training seminars. Having two young children herself, she has experienced first hand the wonderful benefits of a Pregnancy Yoga and the general support that these classes offer to women at their very special time.  

Mindful Meditation plays an very important part of her daily life of which she continues to deepen her learning and awareness through on-going personal study.  She also facilitates these courses at the studio and continues to deepen her own personal daily  practice and attends regular training days. 

She is very grateful to have experienced teachings from Leslie Kaminoff from The Breathing Project and, Julie Gudmestad, (Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Physical Therapist) Tara Fraser (Yoga Junction London), Zoe Knott (British Wheel of Yoga) and Michael Ryan.

Sonya is also a Reiki Master & Practitioner (Usui Tera-Mai) and is grateful to be offering healing appointments from the studio.  She is currently undertaking studies in Sound Healing Therapy of which is she has completed Level one and will completing to Sound Therapist Level early next year 2020.

Her classes include a fluid practice using the foundation of breath centred awareness. She is influenced by the teachings of Leslie Kaminoff and Donna Farhi to include a deeply mindful approach to all movement.  She also has an interest in Body Mind Centering that she blends together in her own yoga practice and offers a creative, fluid and grounding practice catering for a complete beginner student to the more experienced student.  Her classes also offer a deeply therapeutic approach offering modifications to students whom are recovering from injury or illness.

She continues to attend regular training, seminars, workshops and Yoga Days to further develop her yoga journey and believes that we are all students for life of yoga. She is very passionate about yoga and her mission is to introduce its wonderful therapeutic benefits and self care to everyone in her surrounding community along with the excellent support of the wonderful yoga teachers based at the studio.


Val Herbert

Val has been teaching yoga for a number of years and is highly experienced in her field.  She teaches a number of classes in various locations throughout Dublin and Kildare.  She holds a teaching qualification with Yoga Therapy Ireland; DIP YTI RYS 500hrs, Yoga Alliance, YFI).  Her classes include a Hatha Flow style yoga, Dynamic Flow, Yoga for Sports and Yoga for Kids.   She encourages her students to challenge themselves while always to practice safely with awareness of using the breath as a focus to leave the busy mind and drop into the body. She have undertaken further study in Pregnancy Yoga, Kids Yoga and also Yoga for Sports.

Val has a keen interest in Sports and you can usually find her at the local Gaa Club or Soccer pitch, watching a game or training the local kids.  As a former player, this gives her great joy and any excuse to talk about football and yoga or both.  So it has become a natural passion that she combines her interests through her yoga classes. 

She is also currently a head tutor with Yoga Therapy Ireland for the Yoga for Sports Module through her extensive love of sports and yoga, a wonderful blend of knowledge.

Val is highly experienced yoga teacher through opening the world of yoga for the new beginner student through a gentle and nurturing approach.  She also holds an amazing and creative space of dynamic, mindful movement flow classes which our students love. Val's classes are very popular as her teaching style is fun and challenging while grounding and mindful. 


Deirdre Mullins

Deirdre_Mullins-200.jpgStarting with Deirdre's first yoga class in Alice Springs, Australia over ten years ago. Since then she have been enchanted by the practice of Yoga and how it brings balance to her life. Over the last ten years, she has integrated various Hatha and Vinyasa styles, being blessed to develop her practice with many inspiring teachers around Ireland, India and UK. In 2009, Deirdre completed a 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Course with Green Lotus Yoga in Galway and have been teaching ever since and has continued building her hours of learning through and studies with a recent visit to India in 2019.

Through her teaching, she aspires to help students develop union between body and mind though the attention of breath. Moving with the breath, become connected to the present moment, this allows us to find stillness and peace within. Each class aims to balance strength with ease, flow with stillness, stability with flexibility.

Deirdre is also a fully qualified Somatic Exercise Coach and a Clinical Somatic Educator. She has completed well over 150 hours of training with Brian Ingle and Lisa Petersen and continues to build on her learning and expertise. She teaches regular Somatics workshops and her yoga classes are often Somatically inspired. She guides students with awareness through new movement patterns, helping to relieve pain and experience more freedom and ease in their body and mind.


Gill Wall

Gill-Wall-200.jpgAfter discovering her first yoga class back in 2007, Gill has continued on her yoga journey by experiencing different styles and forms. On her travels through India , Vietnam and Bali there was not a day that went by without her taking a nearby yoga class at sunrise or joining a refreshing yoga retreat experiencing different styles of asanas, relaxations and meditations. Soaking up so much juicy yoga tools that she still uses today in her daily practice and in her daily life and now, in her teachings.

In 2013, her absolute love for yoga enticed her to take part in a foundation course with Yoga Therapy Ireland. This course helped her to further her daily yoga practice even more. There she learned so many little gems of life tools to help broaden her path on the journey to becoming a yoga teacher. Without hesitation , she happily continued on the amazing YTI diploma course and here she caught herself surprisingly stopped in her tracks during many magical 'ah ha' present moments which in turn had brought upon her some truly sweet life changing experiences. 

Gill has been trained to teach is Hatha Yoga. She also adds a sweet sprinkle of Restorative postures as a treat to enhance restoration and renewal. With a busy weekly work life not only does she understand the powerful benefits of yoga postures, she also understands the importance of mindfulness , relaxation, meditation and yoga nidra to de-stress and unwind the body and mind and to bring about mind body awareness using the practice of gentle breath in unison with a whole sense of just being. She is very young at heart and knows that along with yoga, fun and laughter is also a magical medicine for the soul. 

She continues gathering more and more mini bright and shiny nuggets of yoga wisdom and goodness and continues to further her practice by attending ongoing workshops by well known yogis such as Julie Gudmustad , Sue Flamm, Michael McCann , Anne Marie Mc Glinchey to name but a few. 

Gill is so grateful to be able to share and pass on her experiences and learnings to others through asanas, meditation , relaxation and other sweet goodness she has learned and stored in her yoga toolbox . Her heartfelt passion is to continue to help others to grow on their own yoga journey. To see the peaceful, blissful smiles of relaxation and content on her students faces at the end of her classes she feels that , that in itself, is a path of true heart warming reward.


Karen Murphy

Karen Murphy is fully accredited with Yoga Therapy Ireland and is highly experienced yoga teacher. Her classes offer a very nurturing approach and along with general classes, she has been been offering Pregnancy Yoga, Post-Natal and Mum & Baby Yoga for many years.  She has been teaching in both Dublin and Kildare at various locations and is a highly popular teacher.  She also specialises in tailored Yoga Therapy Classes.  Karen is also affiliated with Yoga Therapy Ireland as a regular Tutor in their excellent training programmes. She continues to commit to her own ongoing learning through regular workshops and seminars.   She is a busy Mum of four kids and understands the benefits and importance of offering a very relaxing space for new Mums to be!  Her warmth and welcoming approach are shown throughout her classes.  

"Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down" - Jigar Gor