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New Year

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"Invigorate, Cleanse & Renew"

Date:   Sat 11th January 2020
Time:  10.30am - 12.30pm. 
Price:  €26     

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Itching to bring back some balance after a the Christmas break?

Join Sonya for a wonderful morning of energising and soothing Hatha yoga as we aim to bring some balance in the body after the indulgence of Christmas.

This is a two-hour detox workshop, not just in body but also in mind and heart.  We will build a little heat through some gentle twisting yoga movements that help to detox and clear any buildup that may be blocking a clear flow of energy.  Excellent to help our immunity during the Winter months.

We will also explore some Breathwork (also known as Pranayama in yogic philosophy) to enable toxins to move while directing energy up and out.  This will bring balance while tuning into the subtle energy body to cleanse the energetic chambers of our bodies commonly known as the Chakras. As we cleanse, find space through movement, breathwork and meditation to enable soothing of the mind body and spirit.

We will hold a space to allow us to set clear intentions of our wonderful year of 2020 ahead.  So we leave our morning still "holding" that space and clarity. Practice will first be active to purify and release, then grow more restorative to explore and allow us to sit with the space we’ve created

Meditation and Pranayama (breathing) techniques will integrate with the energetic bodies.  The morning will close with a deeply restorative relaxation .. with some sounding. 

Suitable for everyone. Not Suitable during pregnancy.

Not to be missed!

If we give ourselves the gift of space, what beautiful things could grow from there for our year ahead?


What to Bring

Yoga mats are provided but please feel free use your own. We provide blankets for relaxation.

Wear comfortable clothing and warm socks for relaxation.

Bring a bottle of water if you need.