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Upcoming Workshops


Workshops are an excellent way of exploration and delving deeper into areas that may interest you.

Workshops are open to all abilities and for everyone!


Family Yoga Workshop

"Family Fun Yoga "    *Postponed*  - New date to be scheduled shortly!

Saturday 28th Mar | 2.30pm - 4pm | €30 - €35

Spring is here so a perfect time to come and join us for some fun through Yoga for the family! This is a perfect way to really enjoy some quality time with our kids.
Join us for an afternoon of play, movement fun and adventure. Discover how we can introduce stillness and mindfulness into our children's lives while having some serious fun!

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Sound Bath Healing & Guided Relaxation Workshop -

*Postponed*  - New date to be scheduled shortly! 

Saturday 18th April | 10.30am - 12noon | €23 

Join us soon for a morning of deep rest and nourishing Sound Healing through the healing vibrations of Himalayan Singing Bowls, The Gong and many more instruments that will move you deeper into a more relaxed body and mind will then follow. We create a sense of unravelling and allow tension to seep away. Through these class, we will open with a heart led intention and a relaxing breathing technique. Body and mind will be rejuvenated with a deep guided Yoga Nidra also known as guided relaxation that will gently open and bring balance to the body and mind replenishing your energy as your whole body, energetic and physical, receives the healing that you need.  Sound Healing by passes the mind and enters the body's energy field straight away through vibration and all you need to do is "just be" in a cosy relaxation!

So we hope that you leave feeling restored, energised and relaxed ready for your week ahead.  

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Somatic Movement Education Workshop

Balance Body & Mind with Somatics  *Postponed*  - New date to be scheduled shortly! 

Saturday 9th May | 10.30am - 12.30pm | €27

Got a niggling ache that just won't go away? 

Somatic movement can help to soothe tight muscles, relieve stress and improve body-mind awareness. This workshop is of special interest to to everyone or anyone recovering from an injury, those who sit for long periods at work, mothers with young children, along with runners, yoga practitioners, cyclists, walkers, or anyone who experiences any physical pain.

This Somatic inspired movement workshop can help to soothe tight muscles, relieve stress and improve body-mind awareness. We hope you to leave the workshop feeling relaxed in your body and mind.  Join Deirdre Mullins for a morning of deep Somatic release, learning and lightness of body!

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