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Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness 

Having worked in a corporate environment for many years prior, Sonya Harnett understands only too well how important using mindful stress reducing techniques can really help nagivate us through the working day.  The workplace can be fast paced with deadlines, project management, customer and clients liasing and team management which can be very demanding.  If not carefully managed, stress can take its toll on our physical health and wellbeing and ulitimately on how we nagivate through our daily interactions with our working colleagues, our clients and customers.  In time, this stress that has been slowly creeping in, makes it's way home to our personal life and home.

WorkPlace_Wellness_300.pngThrough a tailored workplace wellness for your organization, learn:

  • Reduce daily stress through simple techniques. 
  • Explore the concept of stress and what does it mean.
  • Mastering our emotions & resilience..
  • Improve concentration and dealing with workload.
  • How to get the best from yourself, your team and work colleagues.

Grow your organization where your staff will continue to love working there where great leadership, motivation and recognition through mindfulness, emotional resonance with a space to de-stressify and become the best version of themselves!

Through simple awareness techniques:

  • reduce stress,
  • sleep better,
  • become more focused,
  • boost immunity,
  • improve learning and memory function,
  • regulate blood sugar levels,
  • become more emotionally resiliant and kinder to yourself!
  • ease anxiety
  • reduce the swirling busy mind to get clear before that next important meeting or decision. 

Wellness through Yoga & Relaxation

Yoga introduced in the workplace can also offer your colleagues a space through gentle movement to re-charge, learn simple breathing techniques to calm and re-set the body and mind and simple movements to relieve back and shoulder tension.  A guided relaxation can also be included in our programme to teach relaxation techniques during the working day.

Wellness through Sound Bath Healing

Sound Bath Healing are a wonderful part of a Wellness program in the workplace and are becoming very popular way to intoduce something new!  Whether you choose to include them as a special event, your colleagues will benefit greatly from them.  Find out more about Sound Healing.


Helps to allievate stress.
Brings a more peaceful space in the workplace.
Brings balance to body and mind.
Extremely relaxing and re-charging.


Get in touch to find out more ..

Whatever sector your organization is part of, we would love to hear from you and how you can offer your colleagues a space of pause, re-charge for a happier and creative workplace. Tailored designed programmes; courses, workshops / events to incorporate into your organisation's wellness and team building programmes.

Wellness offerings for your company can be designed to suit as an individual offering or through a blend of any of the above or as special popup wellness events!  Classes can be also offered weekly as a short course in a time frame to suit your working day and can be offered either in-person or a through virtual platform.

Find out more about here Sonya Harnett (E-RYT 500hrs Yoga Alliance) and her teaching and training experience and certifications. Sonya is also fully certified 285hr Masters of Wisdom Meditation teacher.

Please contact or call 086 - 8474944 to chat about how we can offer a tailored programme or wellness event for your organization.


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