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About this course

Do you want to elevate your life and wellbeing?

This 'not to be missed' transformational course will offer you the framework to develop, deepen and share with others the amazing benefits of meditation and how through daily a practice can transform your health and wellbeing.  

This comprehensive and supportive online training course brings together the ancient wisdom teachings plus modern-day mindfulness and scientific research of mindfulness and meditation that we see today. This is interwoven in a practical way that allows you to explore techniques for building a strong daily practice and transforming the way you see the world.  Over the course of these 12 weeks, together we will dive deep into these practices and from your personal journey, meditation practice and a little self-inquiry, begin to explore the art of deepening your own meditation practice and maybe sharing or teaching meditation.


About your facilitator Sonya Harnett

Following almost twenty years of self-practice and 10 years teaching meditation, Sonya created this course out of a desire to help others to develop their own personal practice as a source of inspiration and support and find their authentic voice in sharing these practices and teachings. See more about Sonya here and her own journey of meditation.

Who is this course for:

This course is suitable for everyone from all paths of life whom are drawn to learn and deepen their meditation practice through the lens of ancient wisdom teachings and modern day practices.

This course is also open for certified yoga teachers who wish to develop and cultivate their own personal meditation practice and develop their skill in teaching these practices while continuing their Continuous Education requirements.

Please note: You do not need to have experience of meditation to attend this course.  Everyone is welcome!


Throughout this course you will :

  • Learn how to meditate and give yourself this journey of self-development and a life changing practice. 
  • Learn how to establish and develop a daily meditation practice.
  • Elevate and transform your own practice to help you live a more enriched life!
  • Gain a richer understanding of a variety of meditation and mindfulness practices and techniques.
  • Explore the science of meditation and mindfulness and the wisdoms that it is founded upon.
  • If you are a certified yoga teachers or yoga therapists, learn to facilitate teaching meditation in your own classes with ease and confidence.
  • Find your own authentic voice as a yoga teacher through group teaching skills and practice.
  • Learn how to integrate meditation into classes or organisation.
  • Learn to adapt supported poses for ease in a meditation practice.
  • Learn how to facilitate and plan a ‘meditation class/course'
  • Cultivate through your teaching skills the ability to adapt these practices for different needs and circumstances. 

    All of the above is open to everyone!

What to expect at each weekly class:

Every week we will explore a variety of meditation practices and wisdom teachings. Our 2-hour live class will be an interactive space ensuring group connection and discussion. Each class will also include mindful movement and relaxation time for integration. 


All participants are encouraged to:

  • Attend all live classes. 
  • Practice a short daily meditation. 
  • Maybe keep a simple daily journal based on your experiences of your meditation practice.
  • Spend some time with some additional recommended reading and recorded material.
  • Complete a simple assignment to help you integrate your course.
  • Show up with curiosity, willingness to learn and an open heart.

Objectives of this course for everyone:

  • Understanding what meditation is.
  • How to set up a daily meditation practice.
  • To gain and experience a deeper understanding of meditation practices and its wisdom teachings and philosophies.
  • Gain understanding of the science behind meditation, benefits, how it works, and how meditation is for EVERYONE!
  • As your own practice deepens, you may wish to offer some simple techniques to your friends, family or work colleagues.
  • Learn the key aspects of how to keep a daily meditation practice going.
  • Learn to teach meditation with confidence as a yoga teacher / yoga therapist in your own classes.

This is an incredible journey of self-discovery through learning and growing! 


Dates:       Thursday evenings - 16th Feb - 4th April 2023

Time:        7pm – 9pm Irish time

Duration:  12 weekly interactive online live classes.

Online Training 

A maximum of 15 students intake.


Contact hours: 24 hours: 12 x Virtual Live weekly classes

Non-contact hours: 46 hours: Extra resources provided as audio content, reading, self-practice, journaling & a written assignmentPlease note that this is entirely optional for those who are not yoga teachers but it's highly recommended to help you integrate the practices for your own self-journey and growing your practice.

Certification: A Yoga Essence Certificate of Completion will be given upon completion of the course to everyone.

CE Hours applicable for Yoga Teachers / Yoga Therapists:-
Fully accredited with Yoga Alliance. 70 CE hours for RYTs with Yoga Alliance*

The online teaching exemption from Yoga Alliance has been extended through to 31st December 2023.  All continued education courses (YACEP) with Sonya Harnett from Yoga Essence Training therefore are counted toward contact hours and can be used towards the Continuing Education (CE) teaching hours requirement for all RYTs.

Important to note:
Please note that this online training course as a standalone module, does not professionally or formally certify in the area of mindfulness and meditation, teaching or facilitating in an area of medical or trauma informed practices. Please seek advice from a qualified professional if you are unsure. This is an accreditated training with Yoga Alliance and offers a very comprehensive perspective in the practices of mindfulness and meditation and from there, provide you with a deep foundational framework should you decide to further your study for a professional facilitator/teacher training. Yoga teachers and yoga therapists already holding their teaching certification through yoga can undertake this training as Teacher Training Continuous Education can claim their CE hours through Yoga Alliance.

Boost your physical health and support mental and emotional wellbeing.  Feed your spirit, transform your life!

Investment:  €595.00

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