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Weekly New Year Classes 

Classes from 9th January - Join us!

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  Classes are suitable for all and you do not need experience in yoga or meditation. 


Weekly Class Schedule


Gentle Hatha Yoga &  Yoga Nidra Relaxation
In-Person classes - Attend from 30th January (3wks)
With a bonus 7 day class recording.

Suitable for everyone!  At North Kildare Educate Together, Celbridge
8.15pm - 9.30pm


Gentle Hatha Yoga & Yoga Nidra Relaxation
Online Live Classes - Attend from 30th  January (3wks)

Suitable for everyone 
Streamed live & bonus 7 day class recording
8.15pm - 9.30pm 



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Sound Healing



Sound Bath Healing - Fri 3rd Feb

Deep Relaxation for Radiant Rest

7.30pm - 9pm 



Private Healing Appointments

Private Reiki Healing Appointments - Enquire / Book 
Private 1-to-1 Sound Healing Therapy Available - Enquire / Book

Classes are led by Sonya Harnett, Certified Meditation Teacher 285hrs
Certified Yoga Teacher - E-RYT 500hrs Yoga Alliance
Advanced Sound Healing Therapist - Professional member of the Assoc. of Sound Therapists Ireland (AOSTI)
Reiki Master & Healing Practitioner 

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Classes & Workshops

Our weekly classes

Weekly evening yoga classes and meditation classes and courses are offered both in-person and these classes are streamed live online for those whom wish to attend virtually.

Virtual classes are held live for you to enjoy from the comfort of home or wherever you are near or far away!  We have a now grown a wonderful community of students who have moved their way of practice and learning to a virtual space and a truely inner space.  It has been and continues to be a real honour to witness this change in how our students show up (for themselves), their ongoing evolvement and growth in their practice for which I am very grateful to witness!  Through our in-person and virtual live classes, we make sure to facilitate time to chat within the group before class as this connection is so important for both teacher and students.

The beauty of taking our in-person and online classes is that you can choose to take your quiet space and really embody your practice and evolve as I have seen with many of our students.  I teach movement and stillness in a way of how somethings feels as opposed to how it looks, for you to notice how these movements translate in your own body with acceptance, compassion, non-competitiveness, curiosity, creativity and with light heart!  This is a way of being present through your practice that you can take out into your own daily life also.  Is not this why we practice?

Our in-person and online classes are offered in the spirit of community, connection and for me as your teacher, being truly present for you! 

I look forward to you being part of our space, connection and all things yoga.   Namaste, Sonya


Class recordings for both in-person / online attendees.

Recordings of classes are offered for 7 days for you to enjoy in your own time if you miss the live class or the time doesn't suit your schedule.  This is offered to both virtual attendees and also our in-person students.  In-person attendees will also have access to to attend their classes virtually if they cannot make class in-person and to be pre-arranged.

Our classes cater to all levels from complete beginners to more experienced students. Yoga classes are open to everyone and involve mindful movement, breathing practices, self-led inquiry, strengthening with ease and very importantly, relaxation.  Classes will benefit you whatever stage in life you might be at – whatever age you are, there is yoga for you.  We believe that yoga is designed to fit the student's needs and not the student to fit the yoga poses.  If you can breathe, you can enjoy yoga!

Workshops & Events:  In-person & online

Sound Bath Healing events are held in-person.

Themed workshops are held as in-person and online events at suitable venue(s). 

I really look forward to introducing all of our wonderful sound healing intruments offering a beautiful in-person experience of healing, relaxation and pure bliss.  Find out more here about the benefits of sound healing and wellness.


Bookings for weekly in-person and online classes

All classes are booked as a course as this ensures that students are progressing in their yoga practice over a course of classes. 

Please read our Booking Terms & Conditions  prior to booking.