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Sound Healing

Find yourself again as body, mind & spirit is renewed through wonderful 

sound healing therapy for deep relaxation


How sound healing worksSound_Healing_1.jpg

Sound Healing has been around for a few thousand years.  Yet the deep healing benefits have been re-discovered. Sound Healing works through healing the body through vibration.  Our body is a mass of sensations and vibrations and it is directly through the body that the effects of sound healing are felt and absorbed whether our mind is aware of it or not.  As we are approx 70 per cent water, our body our very resonent to the vibration of sound. So when we are immersed in sound healng, the vibrations go straignt to the body, to the cells and works through the various energetic layers of our being.

So all you have to do is to set the body up in a cosy relaxation lying out and the rest just happens organically with "no effort" while receiving a bath of sound vibrations.  Sound Healings are also referred to Sound Baths!

Different instruments are made and set to certain frequencies. Sound healing allows your body to heal itself by slowing down your brain waves, which affect every cell in your body, shifting them from imbalance or "dis-ease" to being "in ease". It's about aligning your body with whatever you need.  Our emotions are deeply connected to sound and may help to releases and to unlock the blocked emotions with ease and grace. 

Do you ever notice how you feel when your favourite song is played?  You may experience sensations of tingling or something else but it is the body that is directly responding to the vibrations as the body's vibrations "are met" by the vibrations of the sound and that is what brings healing, equilibrium and a sense of wellbeing.  Sound Therapy goes enters the body's energy field and so bypasses the mind.  Therefore it is this sense of "no effort" required and just to relax and to enjoy!

Sonya Harnett from Yoga Essence holds regular Sound Healing events where you can experience the amazing benefits of Sound Healing.

We are delighted to offer Sound Healing Therapy through the uniquely soft sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, drums, tuning forks and other instruments that offer natural sounds that gently restore and bring harmony back to the mind an body, deeply relaxing. The client is guided to lie down in shavasana (lying out supported on mat) covered in cosy blankets and use of eye pillows and guided into a deep relaxation to prepare for the healing.


Benefits of sound healing 

  • Reduces Stress physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Lowers anxiety and may ease depression.
  • Improve sleeping patterns.
  • Improves immunity.
  • Soothes emotional response or triggers.
  • Induces a deep relaxation response in the body

"If every sound is vibration, if the vibration touches each and every cell of our body,

we can understand that we don't perceive sound only with the ears but with all cells in our body"


Sonya Harnett is a certified Advanced Sound Healing Therapist and offers group sound healing workshops and private 1-to-1 Sound Healing therapies.

She is also highy experienced and certified yoga teacher & meditation teacher, a Reiki Master and practicioner. She is passionate about sharing these powerful and healing and movement modalities to her community while offering students a place to find space and "come home" to themselves.

We look forward to offering these Sound Bath Healings soon to offer you deep rest and nourishing healing as you move deeper into a more relaxed body and mind will then follow. We create a sense of unravelling and allow tension to seep away. Through these workshops, we will open with a heart led intention and a relaxing breathing technique. Body and mind will be rejuvenated with a deep guided Yoga Nidra also known as guided relaxation that will gently open and bring balance to the body and mind replenishing your energy as your whole body, energetic and physical, receives the healing that you need.  We also incorporate a short period of silence called "the Shunyata" at the end the so the body, mind and Spirit can integrate the Healing.

So we hope that you leave feeling restored, energised and relaxed ready for your week ahead.  

Private Sound Healing Group Classes available. Please enquire on request


Upcoming Sound Healings - Live!

Sound Bath Healing & Guided Relaxtion

Please follow us on Instagram for regular free mini Sound Baths through Instagram Live.


Sound Bath Healing Onsite Workshops will resume once safe to do so!

Everybody is welcome!

Please note: Please advise the teacher prior to the class if you are pregnant or have had surgery within the last 3 months or anything else you may feel relevant to receiving a Sound Healing.

What to Bring

  • Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and any other supports.
  • Wear comfortable clothing maybe in layers and layer in warm socks/slipper socks as your body may cool down a lot during the healing.
  • Bring a bottle of water if you need.
  • These workshops are very popular, so book your "you time" early as places are limited.