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Workshops are an excellent way of exploration and delving deeper into areas that may interest you.

Workshops are open to all abilities and for everyone!


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Yoga Nidra for Deep Healing

Wed 16th June | 8pm - 9pm | €14

Join me Sonya Harnett  for our very popular workshops, a wonderful space of finding your inner quiet as you take quality time to deepy rest and renew your body and mind! You are invited to journey to your own inner space to drop deeper into this extremely healing practice as a practice itself. Yoga Nidra which means "Yoga sleep" that guides us through the body and helps to sense, notice and surrender to what is. Yoga nidra is very deep form of relaxation and it's a practice that is cultivated and the more that it is practised, the more the body begins to respond and moves into a state of deep rest and relaxation more easily over time. This in time can integrate into how we meet our challenges in daily life. A real class favourite!

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