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Workshops are an excellent way of exploration and delving deeper into areas that may interest you.

Workshops are open to all abilities and for everyone!


Next Workshop

"Resting in Stillness - Taking care of You!

Thurs 16th December | Time: 7pm - 9pm | €25

From the comfort and safety of home, join us for an invitation to stillness as we unravel the threads of stress or worry explore how we are already programmed for rest, peace and seeing the world with a lenses of wider perception of goodness.  As we approach the Winter Solstice on 21st Dec, we may be feeling more tired and a calling to rest deeply. But in our modern world, we are busyier and on an " always on" mode. This is contrary to what this time of year is naturally inviting us to be. So how to we honour our true nature while being in our modern day life? We build in some rest times!   

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