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Workshops & events are an excellent way of exploration and delving deeper into areas that may interest you.


Summer Wellness Retreat

Summer Unwind & Rest

Sat 8th Jun | Time: 10.30am - 2.30pm | €95

Join Sonya for a beautiful space of deep unwind, re-charge, self-care and connection with other like minded Souls as we connect and welcome ourselves home to the heart. Allow yourself to drop into deeper ways to experience rest and re-set and balance.  Align with the unwind and fullness of Summer as we explore practices to help open us to the brightness of the season through re-set and rest. These practices will gently offer renewal and rest as you move into completion and a letting go into where you are.

The retreat include gentle energizing yet nourishing yoga, somatic inspired movement, easy meditation, deep rest yoga nidra's "yogic sleep rest"  and a deeply nourishing sound-bath healing.  After the event, take some quiet time to enjoy lakeside or forest walks and delicious food. 

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Sound Bath Healing 

A Summer evening of pure relaxation & deep healing vibration of sounds

Fri 5th Jul | Time: 7.30pm - 9pm | €33 

Join Sonya, for a deep healing evening of self-care through the sacred sounds of Sound healing, guided deep relaxation and more.  A Sound Bath is a powerful way to bring the body into a deep form of relaxation and ease. It works as the sound vibrations from gongs, himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, rattles, drums and other instruments such as chimes are used to create mesmerising vibrations of sounds that can help to release emotional and energy blockages in the body and stimulate healing in a gentle yet a very deep way.  Explore some gentle movement to release, a guided relaxation known as "yoga nidra rest" yogaic sleep to settle body, mind and heart in preparation to receive the healing vibration of sounds. Celbridge, Co Kildare


Meditation 70 hr Teacher Training 2025

Fully Accredited & Approved with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK

Thurs 23rd Jan - 10th Apr 2025 | 12wks Live online

This fully approved and accredited transformational training will offer you the framework to develop, deepen and share with others the amazing benefits of meditation and how through daily a practice can transform your health and wellbeing.  Learn how to overcame the obstacles of meditation through a more simplier and EASY approach.

This comprehensive and supportive online training course brings together the ancient wisdom teachings plus modern-day mindfulness and scientific research of mindfulness and meditation that we see today. This is interwoven in a practical way that allows you to explore techniques for establishing and sustaining a meditation practice.  Over the course of these 12 weeks, together we will dive deep into these practices and help you establish and maintain a strong daily practice while receiving the many benefits  from consistant daily practice.   

Learn also how to share and teach meditation with others at home, friends, at work, in service to your community or any other setting or circumstance that you have a calling to.  Gain the skills and confidence to teach and facilitate meditation with ease and through an authentic way. 

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