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Workshops & events are an excellent way of exploration and delving deeper into areas that may interest you.


Sound Bath Healing for Deep Relaxation

A cosy evening of pure relaxation & deep healing vibration of sounds

Fri 20th Oct | Time: 7.30pm - 9pm | €33 

Join Sonya Harnett, for a deep healing evening of self-care through the sacred sounds of Sound healing, guided deep relaxation and more.  A Sound Bath is a powerful way to bring the body into a deep form of relaxation and ease. It works as the sound vibrations from gongs, himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, rattles, drums and other instruments such as chimes are used to create mesmerising vibrations of sounds that can help to release emotional and energy blockages in the body and stimulate healing in a gentle yet a very deep way.  Explore some gentle movement to release, a guided relaxation known as "yoga nidra rest" yogaic sleep to settle body, mind and heart in preparation to receive the healing vibration of sounds. Celbridge, Co Kildare


Winter Wellness Retreat

Deep Rest & Restore

Sat 18th Nov | Time: 10am - 2pm | €95 

Join Sonya for a beautiful space of deep unwind, re-charge, self-care and connection with other like minded Souls as we connect and welcome ourselves home to the heart.  Pausing for Winter, deep rest and restore is the these of our retreat. Explore practices to help ease you into the sleepy rest of Winter. These practices will gently offer renewal and rest as you move into completion and a letting go into where you are. Gentle yoga to open and unwind, Somatic inspired movement, meditation for the heart, reflection and deep yogic rest.  Sound Bath Healing Experience also included to end. All from the picturesque lakeshore of Blessington, Co Wicklow located a The Avon Ri, Blessington, Co. Wicklow, W91 HFX3

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Weekend Retreat 2024

Rest, Reset & Connection 

Fri 9th Feb (6pm) - Sun 11th Feb (2pm) 2024

Spend a whole weekend taking time out for yourself as you invest in your wellbeing and I feel there is no better time to welcome yourself "home".  Our Spring weekend location at a fabulous, secluded peaceful beach resort at the Ballyvaloo Centre, Blackwater, Wexford only a 90-minute drive from Dublin. I am so grateful to share my passion of practices that support of gentle yoga, restorative wellness and practices that nourish and regulate our whole system from inside out. 

My heartfelt intention is to share with you with ease, spaciousness in a fun and loving way.  Our retreat space will be about taking a whole weekend to slow down, connect with like-minded souls and enjoy practices that cultivate rest and recalibration.

The weekend will include gentle nourishing yoga class sessions with somatic inspired movement, easy meditation, deep rest yoga nidra's "yogic sleep rest"  and a deeply nourishing sound-bath sound healing.  All beautifully and spaciously paced to include down time for beach walks, swims and hearing the soothing sound of the sea.

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