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Online weekly yoga classes & workshops

The benefits of live streamed yoga classes!

Practice from comfort of home!
A time to establish a home practice and create that beautiful space for you to pause and reset.
Our past students can join us again if you have moved away.
Excellent resource of class recordings to replay and enjoy at any time! This has been conveyed by many our students as a fantastic bonus!
Household members can also join you as you practice.

All classes are suitable for new students and all experience!  A fabulous way to reduce stress in the body and mind and ease out tension to enjoy daily life.  Online classes are streamed live through the simple and easy platform of Zoom!.  Please get in touch with Sonya Harnett at 086-8474944 if you need to have a chat about the classes or using Zoom!


Hatha Yoga 

Hatha Yoga is wonderful style of yoga that is taught at a slow pace and excellent for beginners and all levels of experience.

From the comfort of home, these live streamed classes will give the opportunity to take a yoga or meditation class which is designed to:

Sense how the body moves
Build stability
Reduce fatigue
Boost immune system
Improve breathing and posture
Develop the practice of meditation and relaxation techniques to help navigate you through daily life.
Somatic based movement are also weaved into the classes particularly to help alleviate the stress in the back and shoulders if sitting for long periods of time. 

All classes include tailored breathing practices known as Pranayama to reduce stress and immune system.

We end each class with a deep and restful guided relaxation known as Yoga Nidra to move into the day with clarity or to a restful evenings sleep! Some restful restorative yoga using some homemade props such as pillows, cushions, blankets, rolled bath towels or a bolster if you have one.


Onsite classes booking information

Our onsite classes - update

Onsite classes are suspended for the moment due to health and safety guidelines.  But when safe to do so, both on-site classes along with online classes will continue to be offered to our students as a choice.

Missed Classes

Classes missed during term are made up by attending other yoga/meditation classes on offer at the studio (during the course term only).  Students can attend 2 or more classes on any given week to do so. Cannot be used as credit towards a new course of classes.


If you will be away during the term, you have option to swop between any yoga/ meditation classes to suit your schedule so you can attend your classes before or after your time away. (subject to space during course term only)

Booking Terms & Conditions

Please be mindful of our full Booking & Non-Refund Policy before booking your course or workshop and we advise you to read in full.


New Students

If you are new to our classes, please complete Yoga Class Registration Form and bring to your first class.  Otherwise forms can be completed upon arrival.  


Trying a Onsite Class

If you are new to yoga and unsure what course to book, new students can avail of one Trial Class at a charge of €16 which must be pre-arranged directly with us (subject to space). Please contact us before attending to confirm if space is available to avoid disappointment.  


Please note:

* Wear loose comfortable clothing and warm socks.

* Please arrive at least 5 mins to register and settle payment before class. 

* All new students are required to complete a registration form.  It is required that you advise the teacher of any medical issues/injuries before class also.

* Refrain from eating heavy meal 1-2 hours before your class.

* Bring bottle of water if you need it.  

* Take the time to relax and enjoy your class!

* Please see our Tips for Beginners 


Gift Vouchers

Gift certificates are available for purchase online. The recipient can use them to book a course of classes or online classes.

Please note that the recipient must book a place on their selected course by contacting the studio in advance email or phone.  Classes or workshops can be booked online if certificate was purchased online.

Can only be used against a course of consecutive classes for any one student and cannot be used on a drop-in basis currently. Valid for up to 5 years from date of issue.  Change or credit cannot be given against gift certificates.

Gift Certificates are all issued online and can be personalised and emailed directly to the purchaser or recipient.

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