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meditation_2.pngA short daily meditation practice is proven to help reduce stress in the body and help calm the mind. You will also learn to appreciate the even the small joyful moments in daily life so becoming more content within ourselves. Meditation is not about clearing the mind but learning to shift awareness from busy thoughts to the breath, present moment.  Meditation has now been scientifically proven to lower our heart rate, slow and deepen our breathing, suppress our stress hormones, boost our immune system, help us manage pain, expand our sense of well-being and slow the swirling of the mind.

Mindful Yoga & Meditation

Starts:     Mon 24th Feb - 6th April
Time:      7pm to 8.15pm
Course:   6wks
Cost:       €81 

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Much is known about the benefits of mindfulness and the benefits of movement and yoga, but what happens when you combine the two together?

Through this class, the mindful practices of movement through very gentle Yoga and Meditation are blended offering you the space to focus on the sensation of movement and breath while the mind rests in the present moment. This new form of mindful yoga applies traditional mindfulness teachings to the tangible practice of yoga, offering even deeper insights into the mind and a truly life-changing approach to your daily mindful practice.

Mindfulness practices are a life changing way of training yourself to simply focus on whatever is happening in the present moment, yet it can be one of the most transformational tools for improving your health and well being.

Through this class, we will explore soothing Breathing techniques (Pranayama), gentle, slow and mindful movements through yoga that will take us to a short sitting Meditation practice where each week, we will explore different Mindful Meditative practices through Intention Setting, Breath Awareness, Gratitude, Mantra, Heart Meditation, Body Scan and Visualisation. Mindfulness is the focus of this entire class!

The class will end with a guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) lying down on our yoga mat, covered in cosy blankets, supports of cushions and eye pillows to send you floating home.

A lovely class if you like a class with a soothing and gentle pace.

Suitable for Everyone!

No experience of yoga or meditation is needed!

Please Note: Not suitable during Pregnancy


Meditation Meet Ups

We regularly facilitate Meditations every month or so.  Please check our Social Media sites for dates.  These are liable to change.


“Mindfulness is knowing what you are experiencing while you are experiencing it. It is moment-to-moment awareness, has the quality of being in the now, a sense of freedom, of perspective, of being connected, not judging” Guy Armstrong


About Sonya

Sonya is qualified with Yoga Therapy Ireland has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 8yrs now to many students in the local community. With two young kids, a busy family life and running the studio, she endeavours to practice meditation herself daily for her own head space and daily bit of peace. She is very passionate about sharing this amazing practice with everyone. Meditation has transformed her own life for the better and believes it to be a life long tool and as important as breathing and eating our food for nourishment. She believes in helping to make meditation as accessible and easy for our already busy lives! 


A little more about Meditation

Meditation & Mindfulness practices are a wonderful way that can develop awareness and mindfulness of our body, our senses, our minds and how we live our daily life. Mindfulness is about simply observing yourself without judgment in all situations, watching how are.  It is about tuning in to ourselves as opposed to "tuning out".  It's about accepting all that is human about us!  Through a regular practice, we may notice that we are calmer, clearer and more relaxed in how we relate to life around us.  The benefits build quickly over time and a "little and often" is the key to reaping the rewards of a daily practice, even 10 minutes a day.  Just as we exercise the body to keep it strong and healthy, we also need to take care of the mind to keep it nourished!  There are various traditions and methods to meditation. 

It is nice to approach meditation with an element of curiosity to find out what method appeals to you along the way.  Meditation is a practice that anyone can learn at any stage of life's wonderful journey.  Remember, there is NO wrong way to meditate, this is all about discovering our awareness in any given moment.

Mindful Meditation is about:

  • Calming the mind and the body.
  • Learning to sit comfortably with ease.
  • Becoming mindful of we breathe.
  • Completing one task at a time.
  • Exploring our inner resistances to daily life.
  • Learning acceptance and self-kindness
  • Becoming aware of your senses and thought patterns.
  • Letting go of ongoing struggle with our thinking.

Physiological Benefits of Mindful Meditation:

  • Blood pressure decreases and the nervous system becomes very relaxed.
  • Improves mental clarity and focus.
  • Brings about a positive change in brain wave patterns that change how er think and a deep relaxation for the body.
  • Muscles become very relaxed and lactic acid is reduced.
  • Many physiological disorders may improve such as high blood pressure or improved sleeping patterns.
  • Helps with anxiety, tension or stress disorders.
  • Over time, with ongoing practice, it brings an improvement of moods and levels of well being.

"Taking up a formal Meditation Practice by making some time for it each day doesn't mean that you won't be able to think any more or that you can't run around and get things done.  It means that you are more likely to know what you are doing because you have stopped for a while, watched, listened and understood".

Wherever You Go, There You Are - Jon Kabat-Zinn


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