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Meditation Classes - Meditation for Everyone

Find peace and clarity

Would you like to find more happiness and space in your daily life?
Our weekly classes will offer you a space to connect to the stillness that rests within, a space to slow down and re-charge.  This is meditation made easy for everyone!meditation_300_212.png

It was once said that "happiness is an inside job" and we all have a deep yearning for happiness and peace in our daily lives.  Meditation has been scientifically proven to positively change our brain and how we view our world.  There are many fantastic benefits meditation through reducing stress both physically and emotionally, bringng more clarity, improving memory and much more.  Meditation can help us become happier and live a more fulfilled life. 

We will explore some simple practices to support you in your daily life and learn about the simple ways that you can begin meditating by yourself daily through some simple tips that have really helped so many others in their own lives.

This is a really wonderful way to enjoy a weekly gathering of connection through meditating together which is proven to be very uplifting.  The final 15 mins of each class is dedicated to a restful guided relaxation which is also really nice for a good night's rest.

Meanwhile why not check out my other classes that do incorporate meditation and yoga nidra or 'yogic sleep deep rest guided relaxation at our class schedule.

Meditation Online Classes

What you will need:

  • A comfortable space.
  • A yoga mat or somewhere to lay out for relaxation at the end of class (optional).
  • Good earphones to enable to hear more clearly.
  • Comfortable cushions, pillows or blankets to make your practice more comfortable.​​​​​​
  • You may wish to light a tealight candle as this can be really nice in your space. 
  • Feel free to have your pet join you as it is really nice to have them with you when we meditate.
  • A notebook/paper and pen to jot down any reflections that may arise for you.

"Come home" to yourself and join us as enjoy some quiet you time every week! 

Meet Sonya Harnett: 

Sonya is a certified Masters of Wisdom Meditation Teacher and following almost 20 years of self-practice and 10 years teaching successfully both online globally and onsite meditation in many settings and in her local community in Celbridge, Kildare in Ireland.  She has created this gently paced course to guide those to help develop their own personal practice as a source of inspiration, self-kindness and support and find their own truth to live a life of fullness and happiness. 

See more here on Sonya's teachings, events and classes.

Workplace Wellness

Sonya Harnett also offers tailored wellness programmes and events to suit the needs of your organisation.  Please get in touch or call to have a chat on how we can offer something new for your staff and work colleagues to help de-stressify and elevate their working day, working relationships and your organisation.

Contact Sonya Ph: +353 1 868474944

Upcoming 2023 Weekend Meditation Retreat

Join us for a beautiful re-charging weekend of inner rconnection, awakening and rest throught the practices of meditation, yoga (optional), sound therapy and deep rest.
January Fri 20th - Sun 22nd.  See here for more details 


Why Meditate?

Meditation practice is about pausing, simply observing yourself without judgment in all situations, watching how we respond to each moment.  The benefits build quickly over time and a "little and often" is the key to reaping the rewards of a daily practice, even 10 minutes a day. Just as we exercise the body to keep it strong and healthy, we also need to take care of the mind to keep it nourished!   Meditation practice has been around for over 2000 years and has been a time tested over the centuries to bring many to a place of stillness and silence that is within us all.  


Meditation is  ..

  • about being super comfortable. If you are not comfortable, you won't come back to meditate!
  • witnessing and accepting the moment.
  • becoming kinder to ourselves.
  • becoming aware of our senses and thinking.
  • becoming aware of our daily habits.
  • becoming more reflective in our interations with ourselves and others

Meditation & mindfulness practices are a wonderful way that can develop awareness and mindfulness of our body, our senses, our minds and how we live our daily life.  Through a regular practice, we may notice that we are calmer, clearer and more relaxed in how we relate to life around us.  The benefits build quickly over time and a "little and often" just as we exercise the body to keep it strong and healthy, we also need to take care of the mind to keep it nourished!  There are various traditions and methods to meditation. 

Meditation is a practice that anyone can learn at any stage of life's wonderful journey.  Our minds are designed to think, so as long as we are alive, thoughts are coming! Meditation will teach us to allow and accept and give us the life tools to focus our attention to our breath or may other techniques to soothe us from the daily swirl of life. It's an amazing tool for life! 


There is no wrong way to meditate. Just the one we don't practice!


Some of the physiological benefits of meditation:

  • Blood pressure decreases and we become more relaxed.
  • Antidote to our stress response!
  • Improves mental clarity and focus.
  • Boosts immune system.
  • Improves our memory and learning.

Some of the emotional benefits of meditation:

  • Ease emotional stress.
  • Levels of emotional wellbeing increases.
  • Depression and anxiety may ease.
  • Our social connection to those around us strengthens and our relationships improve

Want to learn more?  Join me for my next meditation course

Journey of meditation with your teacher, Sonya Harnett

I was introduced to meditation about 15 years ago and was always intrigued by it as it was something that I saw my Dad practice daily.  But I never started to practice myself until a number of years later. The seed was set though! My life before meditation; I was chronically exhausted, anxious, lost, unfulfilled and just existed daily on some level.  I was searching for happiness outside of myself, an exhaustive process!.  So once I certified as yoga teacher, a short daily meditation also became part of my own personal practice. Something was beginning to change. 

My life now after meditation; I can honestly say that it has transformed my life!   I see the joy in the smaller moments and feel a little more reflective, more clearer so I can make better decisions and choices in my life.  I have let go of the dreaded multi-tasking that seemed to be honoured by many of us these days!  It's too exhausting! So I am delighted to say that I have morphed into a "one task at a time" person!  I sleep better and I'm not as anxious as I was as I have now the tools in my meditation tool box to help me come back to my centre.  We are always work in progress!

The pinnicle of my day are my two daily practices where I set myself up for my day ahead and also can relax into my evening ahead. This took me time, patience and self-compassion to ritualise! But like all habits, they require a little effort at first.  The benefits are HUGE!!  My family have come to see it as the norm in my home that I meditate. I wasTT-Logo-single-200x200.jpg so blessed to be introduced to meditation all those years ago. 

Through my ongoing training, I am so proud to have now become a Certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation teacher with davidji meditation academy 285hrs.   I have an incredible network of teachers and mentors that support me as I will support you!  This was an journey of transformation for me and my passion is now to share with you these ancient teachings and wisdoms that form many of the many mindfulness and meditation techniques that are taught today! I have been teaching meditation and yoga classes in the local community since 2011 and many have experienced the benefits in their own lives. 

I also am delighted to tutor and facilitate Meditation Training tailored for Yoga teachers.

I will teach you how to de-stressify your life and offer you simple and very effective tools so you can bring more happiness into your own daily life. Meditation is for everyone and it's my intention help you awaken to clarity, self-kindness and more so you can live a life that is enriched with joy!

If you to find out more about what I teach, please see here

With blessings, Sonya 


Our meditation community

We regularly facilitate meditation community practices online regularly.  Please check our social media sites for dates.


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