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Relax & Renew - Resorative Yoga for Deep Rest

February Workshop

Date:   Wed 17th Feb - Live Class via Zoom
Time:   8pm - 9.45pm
Price:   €16  (Live Stream Class plus access to recording for 7 days)


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Relax & renew as you let life flow ..

Join me Sonya Harnett for a wonderful evening of connecting with our inner stillness and silence.

Spring is a time of year of new beginnings and awakenings. Ease and awaken the body, mind and heart with a sense of openness and renewal with a gentle evening of mindful restful restorative yoga!  Restorative Yoga provides deep healing for your body and mind. In this workshop, we will open to the changes that Springtime offers some time to find time to unwind and move away from our daily routines.

We use gentle restorative movements to gently release inner tension as we connect with ourselves to listen how we can replenish ourselves through a gentle nurturing practice. As we become quieter, we learn to really listen to our body and what it needs to stay balanced and well.

Through this class, your body and mind will be rejuvenated with a series of restorative movements that will gently open and bring balance to the body and mind replenishing your energy.

The workshop will include gentle breathing practice and meditation and will end with a guided Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) to send you into your evening and maybe energised and relaxed ready to embrace your days ahead with ease.

Everybody is welcome to this class, with or without prior experience of yoga and meditation. You are welcome to have a family member in your household join you in your class!



Suitable for everyone.


Please note:

Please consult your Medical Practitioner prior to practicing yoga and always move within a pain free zone. It is the student's responsibility to take care of him/herself during their practice and to ensure that the space is clear of any obstruction.  Please note that yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment.  


About your Zoom Yoga Class:

You will be required create a free Zoom account on your device. You will need to login with your email and password prior to our class time. Upon booking, you will be sent a unique meeting ID and passcode to join the class.

Due to Zoom's security features, we strongly advise that you login about 10 minutes prior to start time to get yourself ready and logged in to check your internet connections as you cannot be admitted into the Yoga Zoom room once the class has started. Please make sure that you are muted throughout the class.

The prior booking window for your live stream class is 30 minutes in order for you to receive the unique meeting ID and password which will be sent by email.


What you need for this workshop!

A yoga mat or blanket to lay comfortably on.

Wear comfortable clothing. Please note that the body can cool down quite a lot during relaxation so just make sure that you are layered up with socks.

A bolster if you have but not necessary!

Two large blankets, 2 x cushions, 2/3 x pillows and anything else for your extra comfort.

Something to gently cover your eyes like an eye pillow or a light scarf - optional!

You can light a candle or have gentle lighting.

Ensure that your device is set to non-disturb so you are not disturbed.

Make sure you fully charged your device.  Give yourself time to check internet connections prior to class to make sure that all is working ok.

Class will be open 15 mins prior to start time if you wish to check in and say Hi!

You can play a some gentle backround music from another device. 


“Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ... Rumi