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Somatic Movement

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"Somatics to Balance Body & Mind"​​​​​ *Postponed*  - New date to be scheduled shortly! 

Date:   Sat 9th May

Time:  10.30am - 12.30pm
Price:  €27  

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An amazing morning of gentle Somatics to bring overall balance to body and mind


Come along and be guided through gentle, easy exercises inspired by Somatic Movement Education and learn how to deeply release & relax your back muscles.  Somatic Movement is a gentle, safe and highly effective way to end chronic pain, improve balance, flexibility and posture and relieve day-to-day stress.

This 2hr workshop is led by Deirdre Mullins, a Somatic Exercise Coach, Clinical Somatic Educator (500hr) and experienced Yoga teacher. Come along and be guided through gentle, awareness-based Somatic Movements to sequentially unwind holding patterns in your body. Learn how to release & relax your muscles allowing for more comfort and freedom in movement. You will free muscle systems in the shoulders, hips and back among others.

As your body realigns, functional movement is restored. This enables you to enjoy normal activities in life with more pleasure and ease.

Deirdre is passionate about sharing Somatic body-mind awareness practices which improve mobility, stability and function while also helping to relieve stress so we can experience life to the full.

This workshop is of special interest to anyone recovering from an injury, those who sit for long periods at work, mothers with young children, along with runners, yoga practitioners, cyclists, walkers, or anyone who experiences pain in the body in fact everyone!  This Somatic practice can help to soothe tight muscles, relieve stress and improve body-mind awareness. Somatic Movement is a very safe and gentle practice teaching you how to continue to take care of the body through daily gentle movements at home.

This is an excellent and very popular workshop so early booking is advised.

Suitable for everyone!

Please Note:  Not suitable during pregnancy.


What to Bring

  • Yoga mats and blankets are provided but feel free to bring your own if you wish extra support or comfort.
  • Wear comfortable and layered clothing and layer up on warm socks as the body can cool down during the class.
  • A bottle of water if you need.

'If you can sense it and feel it, you can change it' – Thomas Hanna.