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Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga


Flow Yoga offers our students the opportunity to move a little more from each posture to the next while integrating the practice of Vinyasa.  The word “Vinyasa” is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as “arranging something in a special way”.  Flow Yoga moves mindfully with the breath. Combining the alignment principles of Hatha Yoga with the breath awareness of Vinyasa Flow, students develop the practice to flow in and out of postures allowing the breath to guide you.  Through Flow Yoga, the practitioner will also skilfully learn the awareness of safe transitioning between postures.  This is an integral part of Vinyasa and Flow Yoga.


Breathing techniques such as Ujjayi Breathing may be used throughout a flow practice.  Ujjayi is a Pranayama (Yogic breathing) practice which has many deep benefits to the body and mind such as:

  • Improves concentration in the physical practice. Becoming absorbed in Ujjayi breath lallows the practitioner to remain in poses for longer periods of time.
  • Instills endurance that enhances a flowing practice by lending a meditative quality that maintains the rhythm of the class.
  • It helps to remain self-aware and grounded in the practice.

But other breathing techniques such as simple deep breathing through the body has the same effect.  It’s never a question what is the right way but always what feels right for you!  Remember, if concentrating on a particular breathing technique takes you away from your awareness of movement, use what feels very natural to keep you grounded and in the peace of the moment as you move. 

Benefits of Yoga Flow

There are many benefits to Flow Yoga as with all Yoga practice such as:

Improves your Immunity
The body moving and flowing builds up heat in the system and helps to moves toxins out of the lymphatic system thus improving the immune system.

Builds Strength and Endurance
As you safely move, the body muscles and core stability will become stronger.  It is particularly excellent to support any sporting activity and fitness level.

Improves Sleep
Through Flow Yoga, you will move, general heat and reduce any physical stress or tension in the physical body.  This will help to calm and soothe the nervous system helping for a perfect night’s sleep!

Helps to Reduce Injury
Flow Yoga is a perfect practice to build up flexibility with strength while reducing pressure on the joints when practiced through safe alignment.  It develops good muscle tone so the muscles will have the ability to engage when required and rest when required.  

Improves Posture and Breathing
Through regular practice, your posture will improve and how your body holds itself through daily movement.  Through deep breathing techniques, the lung capacity increases, and your breathing becomes more efficient bringing you more health and wellbeing both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Builds Bone Strength
All yoga is a form weight bearing movement it stimulates new bone growth by creating mild stress in the body.  The gentle nature of yoga means that it creates the stress required for bone health helping the bones to grow and replenish.  It is important to practice movement that helps to maintain bone health to avoid conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia

Helps to create Focus and Clarity
While practicing yoga and flow yoga, the mind is brought to focus on each movement and breath as they become synchronised through transitioning to each movement.  It is a form of Meditation where the focus of the mind is firmly rooted into each moment.  This becomes in time becomes transferred into your own life off the yoga mat where you make more informed choices, become reflective rather than re-active and see things much more clearly in a calmer way.  

Flow Yoga at Yoga Essence

The sequential approach of Flow Yoga accommodates all bodies, modifications and props are available to assist. You will explore a wider variety of asana and sequences guiding all students towards developing their home practice. Each class will have a warm-up, dynamic and finishing sequence ending with a cooling down shavasana known as guided relaxation. 

The classes cultivate strength, stillness, flexibility, freedom, focus, release and relief, ultimately balancing the flow of energy through the body.


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